Automotive Prime Vendor Worldwide

When Down Time is Not An Option

Robert Brauer
Vice President and General Manager
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Candace Gardner
Contracts Manager
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War Fighters ,Emergency Responders, and Special Operations Groups have operational and maintenance requirements like no other industry in the world. DLA Land and
Maritime, one of the worlds premiere defense logistics support agencies, has successfully utilized the APVW Program to help prevent operational downtime and increase
equipment readiness around the globe.

Longhorn Regional Service Center LLC dba Kyrish Government Group awarded the Automotive Prime Vendor Worldwide contract with the Defense Logistics Agency Land and
Maritime center. The estimated value of the contract is $16.6 million over a five-year period. Through APVW, Kyrish Government Group sources, purchases, and delivers a
wide range of commercial, industrial, tactical, and emergency vehicle parts to DOD locations around the globe. With years of commercial , emergency, and tactical wheeled
vehicle maintenance and logistics experience , Kyrish Government Group knows how to roll up our sleeves and get you up and running. The scope of this acquisition includes
non-NSN automotive spare parts supplied by 1,226 different CAGE code and 301 non-stocked NSNs consisting of automotive parts and maintenance hardware items for
automotive parts.

Easy to use and cost effective, the DLA Land and Maritime APVW contract mechanism provides the field and DODAAC users the ability to rapidly buy both Non-Stock NSNs and
Non-NSN cataloged items from over 1226 CAGE code manufactures thru commercial item type acquisition.
Simply put, APVW is the best tool you can have in your toolbox to get your Commanders assets back in action. Every second that a vehicle or weapon system is down could
spell disaster for an operation.

To learn how APVW can help you and your fleet, contact Kyrish Government Group today.

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