Skids/Slip-On Units

  • Standard configurations available
  • Poly skid or aluminum frame skid construction
  • Fork lift and/or crane lift designs
  • 100 to 1,000 gallon tanks with or without foam cell
  • Hale and Waterous portable pumps
  • Foam injection or around-the-pump foam systems

Rio Hondo VFD

  •  Structural aluminum frame, crane lift points.
  •  UPF 1,000 gallon poly tank with 5″ top wall for storing hose or equipment.
  •  Hale HPX200-B18 pump/engine.
  •  Hannay 150ft hose reel.
  •  Two 8ft whip lines at front.

Stock Skid Units

  •  Integrated Poly Tank and Skid Plate.
  •  UPF 300 Gallon with or without 10 Gallon Foam Cell.
  •  Hale HPX200-B18 pump/engine.
  •  Hannay hose reel, on top of module or tank.
  •  Two 8ft whip lines at front.